Launching Soon: This Is Innovation Podcast

I feel very lucky to be the CEO of Go Nimbly.

For one, I know my colleagues and I are reinventing how consulting services are delivered and consumed.

We built a consulting firm focused on the most critical part of any business — its marketing and sales systems. This systematic and holistic approach can transform great product companies into highly functional businesses. We do all of this with an easy to understand subscription model. This ensures our customers will get the help they need now — without the exhaustive leg work it takes to engage with traditional consulting agencies.

But the real reason why I feel so lucky is because I get to interact with the most innovative, creative, and highly focused people in the world. With that said, I am happy to announce the very first podcast to dive into these truly inspiring and personal stories of success…and sometimes failure. We believe that innovation is a result of both failure and success. So I think it’s quite appropriate that the podcast is called This Is Innovation. I’ll be your host to some of the most interesting discussions I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

If you get as excited about self-improvement as I do then you will love this podcast. I’m obsessed with learning how to be better. It feels like I’m constantly jumping from one self-improvement thing to another. Which by the way if anyone has tips on how to regulate this obsessive quest for self-improvement, I’m dying to know (I’m sure my wife would like me to stop talking about professional development during Project Runway).

Our first episode is done. I’m excited for you all to hear it. We will be releasing it early February with new episodes monthly. Get early access to the podcast by clicking this link or leave us a comment below! We’ll have more information very soon, so stay tuned.

Jason Reichl

P.S. Want to be a guest on our show? Sign up here.

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