Eloqua starts 2017 with a banging release

Mad props Eloqua. You definitely stepped it up with this release. (Fingers crossed that this is a trend we can expect through the new year!) Over the last year, Eloqua users have seen a number of improvements. This included an interface refresh, expansion of apps, and new features. Now, we are starting 2017 with an incredible release.

Most notably, there are three new/updated features I’m dying to use (and yes, these are in order of level of excitement):

  • Program Canvas
  • Dashboards
  • Form Population

Program Canvas is the new Program Builder

Since the announcement of program canvas, it has slowly been taking on all of the features of program builder. It seems we’re on our way to replacing program builder completely — similar to how rare it is to send campaigns through anything other than campaign canvas.

Although it’s not an open announcement, you can read between the lines and see that the ultimate goal is to sunset Program Builder. For example, “not all of the capabilities of Program Builder are available in Program Canvas as of yet”.

There are two new features for program canvas— an ability to subscribe and unsubscribe contacts within the canvas as well as to move or add contacts to program builder. The latter is game changing. In my opinion, the only feature we’re missing now is an ability to fire integration calls from the canvas before we can truly say goodbye to program builder. For Oracle Sales Cloud users, there are apps to let you integrate from the canvas — but for us Salesforce users, we still have to wait.

So, what should you do now? Make it a project to migrate active programs into the canvas. It is not only easier to build, QA, and update in canvas, but it is also extremely fast. You no longer have to worry about only running five programs in priority mode — they can all be fast.

Dashboards are the new Insight — well, sort of

Even the biggest Eloqua evangelist will be the first to vocalize their hatred for Insight. Creating a report takes a lot of patience, and quite frankly, if you want to go beyond simple reporting, it’s just plain difficult.

Well, seems as though Eloqua has heard our cries, and with each release we are able to do more reporting with the new and improved UI. With this release, everyone is getting access to Dashboards (was previously called Insight Preview). The dashboards are focused on either campaign performance or email performance with the option to look at either your overall performance or select an individual campaign or email.

You are also able to filter the data in these dashboards, for example, by date range and campaign type. Keep in mind they are still pre-built and cannot be fully customized. In the meantime, you’ll still need Insight, but the countdown to the death of Insight has begun — and I couldn’t be happier.

Form Pre-population is the new Form Population App

It’s always ideal when you can get features out of the box without needing to install and manage an app. That’s what this feature is all about…deprecating the Form Population App and bringing those features into the Eloqua platform. A migration will be necessary for those of us that were using the Form Population App to pre-populate forms for returning users.

For those of you who didn’t have this app — it’s like you’ve got new features. You can pre-populate someone’s form based on subscription status, data in custom data cards (objects), or a query string’s value.

Eloqua has a kickass FAQ section detailing what you can and can’t do with form pre-population. Read before trying to implement this feature and it’ll save you from much avoidable frustration (thank me later).

Take advantage of these updates…now

You can see details about all the other features in the Oracle Eloqua Release Center. And while you’re trying out these new features — keep in mind that Eloqua has features that are available by request and also controlled availability programs. Features like allowing contacts in Eloqua without email addresses or enabling campaign approvals can be enabled today by request. If you want to be part of a beta group (for example, to test out the new WeChat Integration) you can also request to be considered for controlled availability. More details on that here.

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