Release Spotlight: Our Biggest Takeaways on the June '19 Marketo Release

Article by: Janaye McGrew, RevOps Consultant - Marketing Ops at Go Nimbly 

It’s almost that time again for Marketo users. The June ’19 release is upon us and we wanted to take a moment to go through and call out some of the updates and features we’re most excited about and that will most impact users. 

1. Event-focused features will be added to Marketo’s new user interface, Marketo Sky. Event caps allow users to create registration caps, page redirects, and waitlists. Event goals enable users to get real time insights into event performance, with event registration and attendance goals. 

2. Come June, Email 1.0 will be no more. With the release will come an automated migration to Email 2.0, which is fully compatible with Email 1.0 emails and templates. Be sure to turn on Email 2.0 in your subscription, as Email 1.0 will be deprecated after June 1, 2019.

3. One of the most obvious benefits of Marketo’s acquisition by Adobe is that users can now harness the power of many of Adobe’s tools. One of our favorite examples? Instead of exporting and editing images images in a third-party platform, users can now edit images directly in Design Studio, powered by Adobe Creative Cloud.

4. Closely following the June release, Marketo will also be launching a long-awaited feature: mass updates on Design Studio assets. In the coming months, users will be able to view, search, and take mass actions on any assets in Design Studio. 

5. Bizible by Marketo is rolling out an integration with conversational marketing platform Drift, through which Bizible will be able to create new leads or connect interactions with existing leads using email addresses from Drift conversations. Additionally, Drift users will be able to create personalized chat bots for specific people and accounts based on Marketo audiences. 

6. Marketo has also integrated with identity resolution provider LiveRamp, making it easier to connect to hundreds of ad networks.  

All in all, an eventful release for Marketo users, broadening the scope of what they’re able to accomplish on the platform and opening new doors through integrations with Drift and LiveRamp. Read Marketo’s full release notes here
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