Our Top Takeaways from SaaStock East Coast

Before every event we attend, we make a mental note of which speakers and sessions we’re most excited to see. The SaaStock East Coast agenda was, of course, full of can’t-miss content. It’s always refreshing to get new perspectives on the topics that are pervading the SaaS industry today, and we were not disappointed in the least. 
Here are three of our standout favorites of the day. 
Mark Kilens, Drift
“We value convenience, communication, and experience sometimes even more than the product.”
Okay—we love us some Drift. As true believers in the power of conversational marketing, we jump at any opportunity to hear someone from Drift speak on the subject. During his session, Mark talked about the broader purpose of conversational marketing: to create a personalized customer experience from beginning to end. We especially loved that he touched on the fact that a majority of companies fail to enable their internal teams to make an impact on the customer journey. This is something we, too, have noticed, and that definitely needs to change. Mark also called out the fact that marketers are now on the front lines of the customer experience, and that the most important metric for them is the ability to start conversations. Talk about the opposite of a vanity metric, right?
Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell
“Companies with balanced growth are actually growing faster than those with primarily acquisition-based growth.” 
This session came during the second half of the day, and honestly felt like an iced coffee for our brains. There’s always a lot of talk about how to acquire net new customers, but rarely do we hear someone talk at length about the importance of focusing on retention, too. Patrick made some really great tactical suggestions; for example, that companies should be considering users whose payment methods fail, a marketing stream in their own right. This is something super logical, but that not every organization may have thought of. In reality, out of every 10 credit card failures, 7 will churn for good. 
Eran Ben-Shushan, Bizzabo
“Make sure you have the right team in the right moment.” 
Eran’s session was full of #wisdom that can be really helpful to any company, regardless of size. So much of what stood out to us was about the importance of putting ego aside, and really looking at your company as it is in order to give it what it needs. As businesses grow, their needs change, and Eran spelled out how important it is to “think like a CEO” and not let your company stumble into the pitfalls that take down most startups: bad market fit, running out of money, and having the wrong team. One crucial, but very simple thing Bizzabo did? Listened to their customers. 
Thank you, SaaStock, for giving the East Coast a chance to hear all this killer content. 
Thank you also to all the speakers for their time, energy, and knowledge. 
See you in SF in September! ;) 
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