Our 4 Favorite Salesforce Spring Releases

Salesforce’s Spring 2019 releases went into effect at the beginning of this month. Are there one million posts about them yet?

Instead of giving you a rundown on every single UX update or feature enhancement, we’ve picked our four favorites, which we think will make the most impact on the way SaaS companies work. 
  1. Sales Cadences
Being able to sell faster means more revenue, sooner. What's not to like? Salesforce’s release of their “High-Velocity Sales” product brings their platform up to speed with tools like Outreach, allowing companies to build structured communication cadences for their sales team so reps can easily track and schedule each touch point. Plus, any lead or contact can be added to any cadence. 
  1. Work Queue 
Also in the High Velocity Workspace, Salesforce now has an interface for sales to work their leads, and prioritize next steps. You know what they say: work smarter, not harder. 
  1. Increased Data Storage
A 10% increase in storage, people! SFDC generates a lot of data, and storing that much data is expensive. This update allows you to increase leads and tasks, and have overall bigger databases without an added cost. 
  1. Forecasting Enhancements
A solid feature enhancement! Now your forecasts can be set for more custom time periods, instead of just yearly.  You're also now able to sort your product forecasts by territory, and share them with anyone else on salesforce. 
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