Introducing: The Revenue Operations Influencers Community


The term 'influencers' is somewhat loaded these days, we know. But hear us out. 
We’ve been thinking lately that it’s time a community existed for people who not only notice change in the way SaaS businesses operate, but want to help create it. The way companies have been running for years—steady, with the tide—it’s not enough. We can do more. 
In the world of SaaS, businesses are in constant state of change. Operational gold standards come and go, and people keep on finding new, better ways to drive their companies to grow and thrive. Right now, we find ourselves at a turning point.  
Does that sound dramatic? It does, doesn’t it?
Like you, we’re SaaS operators who believe that the world of operations is on the verge of something big. We want to create a community that can learn from each other, share ideas, build relationships, and work to affect change in our industry. 
This is why we started Revenue Operations Influencers. It’s a community of influential operations professionals who see the danger of silos, the power of alignment and collaboration, and the potential to maximize revenue in a way legacy operations can’t. 
So, how does this work? 
We will be organizing events in San Francisco and New York City (and hopefully other cities), as truly unique opportunities for those in our community to get together and share knowledge that simply can’t be found elsewhere. We would also love to arrange content collaborations, coordinate “brain dates”, and more.     
We’re extremely excited about ROI and, with your help, to really get the community up and running. If you’re interested in joining us, or know someone who might be, shoot us an email. We can’t wait to get started. 
P.S. We got some lovely compliments on our design assets at SaaStr Annual last week, and naturally, they went straight to our head. Those who are really paying attention will notice that the image associated with the ROI community (above) is a bit different than our usual branding. For anyone who might be interested, we wanted to talk a bit about why this is. 
Our original Go Nimbly illustrations feature larger-than-life characters, each performing a different job. These were created with the idea that our role as consultants is to make larger-than-life impact, transforming our customers’ operations into the stuff of myth and legend. 
The new design, which we created especially for our Revenue Operations Influencers community, represents the fact that, while we are able to make great impact at individual companies, we can’t affect the kind of change the SaaS world needs on our own. This kind of change requires a tactical approach, and the knowledge and expertise of our kindred spirits in this industry.
In other words, it takes a village, so we’re building one. 
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