Everything's Coming Up #SaaStr2019

SaaStr Annual 2019 will not be our first rodeo, but it does feel like a horse of a different color. 

[Hopeful pause for reaction.] 
Anyway, mixed metaphors aside, the event this year is quite literally taking over the city of San Jose, claiming the San Jose Conference Center as its mothership. Well, beam us up. We’re ready. 
We won’t lie: the lead up to an event this size is no joke. Fresh off the heels of the blissful less-than-productiveness of the holidays, the past month or so has been a whirlwind of booking flights, reserving hotels, agonizing over the perfect copy and concepts in order to put our best foot forward this year. As a SaaStr sponsor for the second year running, we may be coming into this year with some precious history, but it’s already more than evident that we’re in for a whole new experience.
For one thing, the San Jose Convention Center is a substantially larger venue than those in 2017 and 2018—over 3x larger, in fact. We’ve heard rumblings of skepticism over the location change, but hey, this just means more space to have the interesting, enlightening conversations that really made last year for us. With such a big event, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and/or lost in the crowd, so feel free to make our booth your North Star of sorts. You know, if you want. 
The fact of the matter is, we really love being a part of SaaStr Annual, and the SaaStr community at large. We’ve attended, been part of, and sponsored our fair share of events, and there’s definitely something special about this one. Even being just one booth in a vast sea of others, we got the chance to connect last year with so many people who believed in and shared our vision of a world free from operational silos. (#SiloNoMore winking face
Going into our first SaaStr experience, we figured that with all the exciting panels and other artful distractions throughout the day, we’d have to wait for the evening happy hours to really get some good conversation going or hold anyone’s ear long enough to explain to them all the things Go Nimbly actually does. We were wrong about this, and delighted to be so. 
Armed with this knowledge, we’re heading into 2019 with not only consumable content, but also questions for those who stop by our booth, so we can collect firsthand stories of the operational pains your companies are feeling and hopefully turn those stories into interesting, challenging work to take us through the year. 
But hey, enough about us. Stay tuned for part two of this pre-SaaStr love-fest, where we’ll talk about some of the exciting speakers we can’t wait to see in San Jose! 
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