Everything's Coming Up #SaaStr2019: Part II


It goes without saying that a huge part of what makes SaaStr Annual so great is the list of inspiring speakers and panelists. We saw a tweet the other day that said the lineup is diverse in both gender and ethnicity—certainly something to celebrate. Here are just a few of the speakers we’re seriously excited about: 

Steven Huang, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Culture Amp. 
Seeing this job title is always awesome, especially when the person behind it is speaking at a giant event like SaaStr Annual. It’s a perspective we don’t get to hear enough, not to mention the fact that we think CultureAmp is doing something that’s both refreshing and deeply necessary. At Go Nimbly, we’re a feedback culture, so their mission is something we can 100% get behind. 
Todd Olson, CEO, Pendo. 
Man, do we love a good insight. As all good SaaS operators know, good product insights with actionable context are invaluable to growth and revenue. Pendo is providing those user insights integrated with real customer feedback to product teams in order to drive strategic planning and decision-making. Todd will be talking about his experience building a scalable SaaS company with a real culture in Raleigh, NC--outside the Bay Area tech playground. 
Cecilia Stallsmith, Director Platform Marketing, Slack. 
Slack will actually have quite a few speakers at SaaStr Annual this year, but Cecilia’s session in particular caught our eye because, let’s be honest, the word ‘revenue’ gets us every time. No need to explain what Slack does, of course, but this session will be about scaling revenue through indirect channels. We always love hearing things like this, because while the obvious sources of revenue get discussed ad nauseam, we rarely get perspective and insight on the ways widely used (but mostly internal) platforms like Slack can drive revenue from the sidelines. 
Aliisa Rosenthal, VP of Mid-Market Sales, WalkMe. 
Technology is constantly evolving, and often companies struggle to keep up with their own tech stacks. Getting a handle on your tools and making sure they’re working for you is a major hurdle that WalkMe is helping SaaS companies clear, and we’re pumped to see Aliisa take the stage. She’ll be joining panelists from Acceleprise and Stripe to chat about building & scaling a billion dollar sales engine. We are believers in the value of repeatable processes and the impact they can have, so we can’t wait to hear Aliisa and the rest of the panel’s perspectives on this. 
Like we said, these are just a few of the sessions we’re looking forward to. From what we’ve seen, the topics are just as diverse as the speakers themselves, and we’re excited for all the hours of insight on the horizon. 
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